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Multi-functional 1000W Portable lithium system solar power generator for camping

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Multi-functional 1000W Portable lithium system solar power generator for camping

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--Powerful lithium battery solutions --Easy to access to 100V-240VAC , 12VDC, 5VDC --Compact Design and low weight --Longer life span --Fuel saving, silent and CO2 friendly

Product Details :

Multi-functional 1000W Portable lithium power station solar generator with ups power supply

220V/50HZ AC pure-sine wave or AC110V/60HZ output 

DC 12V10A  5V2A  24V20A output



Konsun P1000II is a mobile power generator with UPS function.

It’s designed with the safe lithium-ion battery and inverter technology with SPWM;

It’s a kind of standby power station with light weight, large capacity and big power and is widely used in the fields of mobile field office, bank, medical care, repair of power equipment, fire emergency rescue, protection for environment, emergency situations for electric and so on.The device is with capacity of 25.9V41.6AH/1078WH and please see its main functions as follows:


   ♦ 220V/50Hz pure-sine wave AC output(110V/60Hz)

   ♦ 12V/10A DC output,5V/2A- dual USB output12V/10A and 24V/20A DC output     

   ♦ LED emergency light

   ♦ Smart displays indicating battery volume, power of input and output and the remaining working hours

   ♦ Car charger and solar charger for option   


Product Description

    Back Panel     











1. AC output: Both AC output sockets are with AC220V, 50HZ and output can be customized as 110V,60HZ output for Japanese and USA markets;

2.  Power switch: Press it, AC 220V output will work, and the switch indicator lights; Press it again, output stops working and indicator is off.


      Front Panel

 3. DC power plug:DC12V cigar lighter can supply power for 12V DC appliances with stable voltage of 12V and max current of 10A; When load is smaller than 0.1A, it may have problem to recognize the load ,causing that standby protection program is ready and output closed; Only when you press the power display button again, the output will continue to work.

 4. LED light switch: Press twice to open the light; Double press it again to turn off it;

 5. Intelligent display screen: Show the most precise remaining battery volume;The power won’t varies as the voltage changes because of the electricity coulometer technology. And you can see the power and working hours during charging and discharging. During charging , the time is hours fully charged; During discharging, the time is hours for load work. When the battery has been working for several years, if the remaining power shows XX%, it means that the battery is in low voltage state and is unable to work, indicating the attenuation of the battery capacity; 

6. Power display button: Press the button, display lights, indicating remaining battery capacity; And the display will be off automatically after 20S. The button is also a switcher for DC12V and USB 5V; When DC is in the standby mode, you can start the DC output by pressing this button;

7. USB 5V output ports: Supply power for appliances of DC5V with 2A output

8. LED emergency light: It’s used when there is no electricity or outage. Its power is 1W. Do not look steadily at the LED light in order to protect your eyes.

9. DC 24V output end: Supply power for 24V load with max current 20A. And the current range of this port is 20V~29.4V. Please consider to change a wiring for large current

10.DC input plug: Supply power by charger through this port or by car charger, solar panel and wind driven generator. The standard charging voltage is DC29.4V first charging by constant-current and then by constant-voltage. The biggest voltage is 8A; When you choose to charge through the wide voltage charging module, the range of voltage is 10~40V and the max current is 8A;



Technical specificat






Continuous output power



Peak output power



Output voltage

220V/50HZ AC pure-sine wave or  AC 110V/60HZ

DC 12V10A  5V2A  24V20A


Battery model

Lithium-ion18650-16P7S( 3.7V 2600mAh)


Battery capacity

25.9V 41.6AH


Working life



Charging time

8 ~ 9 H(29.4V5A charger)

5 ~ 6 H(29.4V8Acharger)


Charging voltage and current

DC10~40V 8A(wind, solar energy and car charger)



Over-voltage, low-voltage, over temperature, overload ,AC short circuit protection and automatic recovery


Working environment

-20℃ ~ 60℃


LED lighting



Heat dispatch methods

Cooling fan








Scope of Application


Our Services

 Konsuntech partners with customers to provide complete energy storage solutions that enable the rapid development and delivery of innovative products that meet demand in both existing and emerging markets.

--Professional pack module design on cylindrical and Prismatic design.

--Fast Production and Delivery time.

Konsuntech will produce 50K pcs cylindrical and prismatic cells inside factory and millions cells in stock in warehouse for all of clients different projects.

KONSUN TECH GROUP Limited is an integrated energy group that specializes in clean and new energy on pv solar and lithium ion battery products.


Since 2006, KONSUN TECH has maintained a corporate philosophy that is characterized by entrepreneurship, innovation, competition and transcendence. Today We has established a solid foundation in two major industries: photovoltaic and Lithium, with its four production bases in Shangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong.Through years development and experienced international sales team in Shenzhen, KONSUN TECH green solar and lithium battery products have been sold to clients all over the world.