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Environmental Policy

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KONSUN ENERGY's activities that are of quality and environmental relevance are controlled via an integrated management system that operates at all process levels and leads to continuous improvement.. At regular intervals, management evaluates the quality and environmental impact of our products and processes.

Each year, measurable performance, quality and environmental targets are set in all areas of the company and relevant improvement measures are derived from these. Management regularly reviews the achievement of these objectives. The company is committed to observing all applicable statutory regulations and other requirements, as well as to realizing a high level of safety within the Group.

As a global company operating in the renewable-energy sector, in dialogue with all interested parties, we are particularly committed to using a minimum amount of energy and resources in the manufacture of our products. Company processes are designed to minimize the environmental impact in accordance with technical and technological progress. We aim to continually improve the efficiency of our products so that, in the foreseeable future, the electricity they generate will be competitive with that generated by conventional methods.

For KONSUN ENERGY, this entrepreneurial value creation goes hand in hand with the responsibility of making a significant contribution towards sustained and environmentally-compatible development, as well as further increasing the company value in the interests of both our employees and our shareholders.