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Telecom Battery

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LiFePO4 battery solution in telecommunication station system :


KONSUN ENERGY is one of the pioneer company which devoted to R&D of LiFePO4 battery solution system, obtained proprietary intellectual property rights and technical index with international advanced level, also with high quality & competitive price.KONSUN ENERGY has established long term cooperation relationship with China Mobile Communication Corporation, China Unicom and China Telecom. So far, the battery works well, performance steady more than 5 years.

Wonderful value to you for it’s excellent performance :

■ Good performance at high and low temperature, working well at -20℃~60℃condition, which reduced the equipment acquisition cost and electricity cost
■ General service term: above 10 years
■ Cycle life: over 3000 times
■ Safety and environment friendly: without any hazardous and noxious substances, do not emit harmful gasses
■ With high dimension ratio, weight ratio which is in international advanced level
■ Charge/discharge directly on original direct current switching power supply condition.