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KONSUN LiFePO4 battery solution system in Electric Vehicles :

KONSUN ENERGY is one of the pioneer company which devoted to R&D of LiFePO4 battery solution system and put into use on new enrgy vehicles. The application area including hybrid bus, pure electric bus, pure electric car, sanitation truck, light vehicles, various kind of light vehicles etc. We have established cooperation relationship with popular auto manufacturers in China like Wuzhoulong, Golden Dragon, Ankai, Dongfeng Auto etc. So far, over 5000 new energy vehicles equipped with battery solution system provided by KONSUN ENERGY, are running in good condition in 40 cities more than 6 years. At the same time, over 2000 new energy vehicles equipped with our products in Europe, America, Australia etc. KONSUN ENERGY battery solution system is more and more popular among national and world auto manufacturers, because it’s excellent performance and public praise.

Creating wonderful value to you for it’s excellent performance :

■ High stability: steady structure of battery cell, rigorous combination design, powerful BMS(Battery Management System), all of that make sure battery with stable performance permanently

■ Good safety performance: rule of ‘three security’: Double security for single battery cell, Safety protection for pack, Advance protection from BMS(Battery Management System. No explosion and burning after safaty testing like overcharging/discharging, short circuit, dropping, squeezing, heating, penetrating

■ Long cycle and service term: 1C charge/discharge, 100% discharge of depth, 2000 cycle discharge/charge cycles.Service term above 8 years

■ Economic: To compare with using fuel oil, it can reduce 70% cost for every bus each year

■ Environment friendly: 
GSL ENERGY LiFePO4 battery has great efficiency for energy conservation and emission reduction, and without any hazardous and noxious  


Project Cases

48V 100AH Lifepo4 battery for Golf car  in USA
---Traditional Lead acid battery 48V120AH only supports 30-50miles per day ; 
But PL ENERGY long life lifepo4 48v 100Ah supports 80-120 miles per day ! 

  80V 360AH Lifepo4 battery for Electric Forklife in China 


12V 100AH for motor engine and 36v 100Ah for power backup on fishing boats in USA

12V 400AH With smart BMS for Client's RV in USA

 --Excellent performance 

Electric Vehicle Battery
Ready installed 48v 90AH battery pack with customized shape iron case perfect fit with the space in EV, shared by client in USA.