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Energy Storage System

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KONSUN ESS products series is applied in residential power storage, which can be powered by roof PV system and small family wind turbine, and also the power storage unit can store the low cost power from the utility grid so as to use this power during peak time. This system can not only be used as emergency power but also can reduce the cost of the conventional power. Besides family use, this system is applied to the circumstances of field operations, emergency power failure, common home appliances, lighting and communication equipments.

How it works 

Why Needs ESS

The common houses use more electricity in the morning and evening than during the day when solar energy is plentiful. Without an ESS, the excess solar energy is often sold to the power company or wasted, but purchased back in the evening.This mismatch increases the demand on ESS with storage battery and causes more carbon emissions. KONSUN ENERGY ESS bridges this gap between renewable energy and demand of making your home solar energy available whenever you need it.

Power companies often charge a higher price for electricity during peak evening hours than overnight when demand is low.KONSUN ENERGY ESS can store electricity when rates are low and power your home when rates are high.


Advanced Technology
--Self- patented, unique topology
--Designed & manufactured by PowerOak, guaranteeing the highest System Compatibility
--Advanced laboratory & equipment
--Multiple applications and multiple operating modes
--Built-in high quality Li-ion battery with self-developed BMS for ESS specailly
--Innovative R&D team, follow up the market, ahead of trend
--200 experienced engineers guarantee the high quality

Competitive Prices
--Self-design & self-manufacture
--Lithium battery manufacturer for 16 years
--112,000㎡ factory with 1000 employees

Great Service
--Meet the needs of different customers is our lifelong goal
--OEM/ODM projects are welcome
--Provide consistent & considerable products and services to global customers