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Lithium Titanate Battery 

KONSUN ENERGY lithium Titanate Battery cell is built upon lithium titanate chemistry, which is known in the battery industry as being the safest chemistry in the lithium ion family.

--Fast charging fully in 10 minutes
--Super long cycle life over 20-30K times: Zero strain for extreme long-term stability leads to extremely long cycle life.
--Wide Temperature range : -40℃~55℃
− No volumetric change after lithium insertion.

− Nano-structured material allows higher packing density and extremely high rate capability (fully charging in 3 minutes).
−Outstanding electrochemical and safety performance, unmatched abuse tolerance, excellent capacity retention at extreme temperature.KONSUN
ENERGY lithium titanate battery is the ideal solution for the heavy duty applications such as electric buses, plug-in hybrid electric buses, and hybrid electric buses, and most difficult energy storage applications such as: Frequency Regulation and delivering firmed power for intermittent renewable energy sources including solar and wind.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery ( Lifepo4 ) 

As a high and new technology enterprise focusing on the field of green energy, KONSUN ENERGY has the ability of developing and manufacturing lithium iron phosphate materials, as well as manufacturing of Lifepo4 power battery and battery pack.The lithium iron phosphate cathode material and lithium iron phosphate power batteries are developed and owned by KONSUN ENERGY, which have great high and low temperature discharge performance, high reliability and consistency, outstanding performance in an environment with a temperature between -40°C and +80°C, not subjected to explosion and combustion due to over-charge, over-discharge, high temperature, short circuit, strike and downfall, squeeze, and puncture.Highlights of KONSUN ENERGY’s accomplishments and superiority include:
1. The liFePO4 cathode material production line and the under construction project with an annual capacity of ten thousand tons rank the Heter material as the global first (yield) and also make it be focused by the whole world.
2. The Li-Fe button battery with independent intellectual property rights fully deserves as the global first.
KONSUN ENERGY has the complete manufacturing line from raw material, to battery, then to solar electric vehicle, that is the only one currently in China.
4. The national first and only one company whose LiFePO4 power battery has passed military certification.